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Bobby: How He Stays Protected on the Streets

I want to go over a man named Bobby. He had a great job, great family, and overall great life. But he never felt secure, perhaps stemming from problems with his childhood. Bobby always wanted to be protected wherever he went but he was never the gun type. Until one day he heard a story about his uncle getting robbed with a knife and how he could have saved himself had he had a gun.


Bobby decided to start doing more research into guns, and there was a lot to choose from. Now came the other part. Getting a gun license was the next part. Then Bobby needed to do research into the best concealed carry information, and which holsters he should acquire. Now he is ready to protect himself. He goes through the gun training with flying colors, buys a holster and gets a license in the process.


Next Bobby goes to Lowe’s and set’s up a backyard area to practice (he lived out in the country). There are moving targets, plenty of blank ammo, and safety areas designated for shooting. He practiced outside after work for three months, until he could shoot anything. His draw speed rivaled professionals. His ability to move and shoot any obstacle was insane.


So one night Bobby gets invited to a party on the bad part of town (he had a friend who lived there). He and his wife go the party and have a great time, with great people and even better drinks. Once the clock struck 2 o’clock in the morning Bobby realized they need to leave. So they grab their things, say goodbye, and head out on the streets where their car is parked a third of a mile away.


Suddenly Bobby hears movement behind him and turns around. He sees a very large man in a disguise coming at him and pulling a gun from his hip. Bobby’s reflexes kicked in and he draws his weapon immediately before the attacker could finish drawing his. The assailant stops and gets on his knees, begging for mercy. Bobby’s adrenaline was rushing so hard, he could barely contain himself. He keeps his gun on the man and slowly walks away from him with his wife. Once they get back into their car they drive away and never mention it to anyone ever.




Now, what was the point in that story? The point is to show that you never know when you may need a way to protect yourself. Had Bobby known the man was trying to really hurt him and his wife Bobby may have been a little more frantic and severely hurt the man. But Bobby had used the internet and his connection of resources to become quite the gunman. His accuracy was on point. And it saved his life.


Here at Judge OJ I want to take this website in the direction of short stories that can teach valuable lessons. I hope you liked this story – if you did please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

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